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Manage your bounce house rentals, inventory, and reservations with Quipli.

Make Your Bounce House Rental Business Seamless

Automate all aspects of your bounce house rental business with a single rental software system, from drop-off to pick-up to performance evaluation.

By utilizing a single management software system that links your customer’s experience to your inventory control, reservations, and booking, as well as your point of sale system, you can provide a seamless, effortless engagement for every customer. Monitor the things that matter most to you with our consolidated bounce house rental software.

How Quipli's Bounce House Rental Software Works

Quipli’s feature-rich bounce house rental management software lets you complete everyday business activities more swiftly and efficiently. Each product selection and rental is integrated with Quipli’s backend platform, allowing you to simply track which items are being seen, which are being rented, and when they will return.

When you use our bounce house rental software, your clients will enjoy the intuitive eCommerce experience for booking and renting, as well as the customer login and point-of-sale integration. You’ll enjoy the ease with which you can review your inventory, check-in on bookings, order new equipment, and adjust your sales goals for the next quarter.

ECommerce Website Integration

You can integrate any website or rental application with Quipli to give a seamless, ready-to-engage eCommerce experience. Alternatively, suppose your rental business does not currently have a booking website. In that case, Quipli can easily be utilized as your primary website platform, allowing you to begin renting bounce houses right away.

Reservation Management

Getting more renters to reserve plenty of your bounce houses is essential to your company's growth. Quipli's reservation software streamlines the process of tracking how much equipment is rented and for how long.

Renter Login

Renter login is included in Quipli's inflatable rental software, allowing customers to keep track of their own rentals and thereby save you time. Since they'll have an account of their own, they are able to see and amend their current orders.


Our bounce house rental system software includes a top-notch POS solution. With Quipli's Point of Sale software, you can expedite your customers' rental experience by combining online booking with in-store pick-up and payment.

Digital Growth

Your inventory levels vary often, and Quipli assists you in adjusting your price to maximize your company's profitability, depending on current levels of demand. It might be tough to determine how to price your equipment as your business grows, but with our industry-leading software, we've got you covered.

Inventory Management

Renting bounce houses requires accurate, real-time equipment tracking of what is rented and when it will be retrieved from each of your sites. Quipli is a simple-to-use interface for centralizing this data and keeping you in control.

Reporting & Utilization Data

In order to grow your inventory in high-demand areas, you may need to collect client registration and order information. Use Quipli's rental tracking software to determine the most profitable rentals.

Integration Partners

Our integrations will make your rental business seamless.

How Quipli Will Simplify Your Bounce House Rental Business

By combining a simple integrated payment system, an easy rental experience, and dynamic pricing, Quipli empowers you to manage a successful bounce house rental business. Renting bounce houses has never been easier.

For airtight bounce house inventory management and reservation software solutions, connect with your friends at Quipli today.

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