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Manage your jet ski rentals, inventory, and reservations with Quipli.

Make Your Jet Ski Rental Business Seamless

It’s time to scale up your jet ski rental business by consolidating all of your crucial functions into a single automated and streamlined industry-specific software solution.

Our all-in-one rental tracking software system simplifies the management of your jet ski rental business by providing real-time inventory tracking, warehouse-to-website synchronization, dynamic price controls, easy online booking, and more.

How Quipli's Jet Ski Rental Software Works

By efficiently tracking sales targets and outcomes, warehouse inventory, customer satisfaction ratings, and other vital performance metrics, our system supports your team in obtaining insights and decreasing uncertainty, thereby accelerating the flow of jet ski rentals through the door.

Our all-in-one jet ski rental management software will swiftly and seamlessly migrate your inventory, clientele, and other essential data, allowing you to view and control the big picture.

ECommerce Website Integration

Quipli can integrate with any website or rental app to deliver a unified and ready-to-use eCommerce experience. Alternatively, if your jet ski rental business does not yet have a booking website, you can utilize Quipli as your main website platform and begin renting right away.

Reservation Management

Keeping renters returning to reserve more of your equipment is vital if you want to keep your business expanding and flourishing. In order to ensure that your inventory is constantly up to date, Quipli's reservation software automates the process of tracking how much equipment is being rented and for how long.

Renter Login

Quipli's jet ski rental software includes renter login, which allows consumers to track their own rentals and saves you time. Instead of calling your business, they can access their account to view and modify orders.


Our rental system comes fully equipped with all the bells and whistles, including a fantastic POS solution. Using Quipli's Point of Sale software, you can streamline the rental procedure for your consumers by integrating their online experience with their in-store pick-up and payment.

Digital Growth

Your inventory levels fluctuate regularly, and Quipli supports you in modifying your pricing based on current levels of demand to increase your business's profitability. Understanding how to price your equipment as your business expands can be challenging, but we've got your back.

Inventory Management

Quipli enables you to review and manage your inventory across many locations, ensuring that you always have a clear picture of what is being used and when it will be returned. Welcome to the next phase of your equipment tracking and inventory management.

Reporting & Utilization Data

Customer sign-up and order statistics can assist you in determining whether your equipment is doing well in several places, allowing you to acquire more of it in high-demand markets. This understanding can help you structure your business for growth.

Integration Partners

Our integrations will make your rental business seamless.

How Quipli Will Simplify Your Jet Ski Rental Business

Quipli helps you to operate a successful jet ski rental platform by combining a simple integrated payment system, an easy rental experience, and dynamic pricing. Jet skis have never been easier to rent.

Start renting more and working less today with Quipli’s jet ski rental software solutions.

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