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Manage your party & event rentals, inventory, and reservations with Quipli.

Make Your Party & Event Rental Rental Business Seamless

Simplify all facets of your party & event rental business with a single rental software solution, from booking through pick-up to performance evaluation.

By adopting a single system that connects your customer’s experience to your supply chain management, reservations, and scheduling, as well as your point of sale, you can provide each consumer with a simple, tailored engagement.

How Quipli's Party & Event Rental Rental Software Works

By tracking sales and inventory usage in order to make informed decisions, our technology enables you to get more orders through the door faster. With our integrated rental tracking software solution customized to the party & event rentals market, you can quickly meet the demands of your consumer base with ease and confidence.

Get ready to have more control over your company’s success than ever before.

ECommerce Website Integration

Quipli can interface with any website or rental app to provide an eCommerce experience that is integrated and ready to perform. Additionally, if you don't have a website for your party & event rental business yet, you can use Quipli as your exclusive website platform and start booking immediately.

Reservation Management

Maintaining a perfect balance between equipment reservations and available stock is crucial for your customers to return and reserve additional equipment. Quipli's event rental software automates the process of tracking what equipment is rented and for how long, ensuring that your inventory constantly matches what is available for rent. Our reservation software is truly second to none.

Renter Login

Customers can log in to Quipli's party rental software to track their own rentals, thereby reducing the number of phone calls to your firm. Instead, users may log into their accounts to see what equipment they've rented and make changes to their orders.


Having a standardized Point of Sale (POS) system in place is essential for tracking purchases and meeting consumer expectations. Because Quipli manages your whole rental system, online reservations link seamlessly with your point of sale, ensuring that your customers always have an easy, quick experience.

Digital Growth

It's challenging to know how to price equipment when your company grows. With Quipli's dynamic pricing, you can boost your company's profitability by altering your rental rates to match current demand.

Inventory Management

As a rental company owner, you must keep track of stock and know what property is being rented, when it will be collected, and how each of your pieces of equipment is performing. Quipli is a user-friendly interface that collects all of this data in one location. Inventory management just got easier.

Reporting & Utilization Data

Make your business more successful by utilizing Quipli's rental reporting tools. Identify your most frequently rented equipment and pinpoint improvement opportunities.

Integration Partners

Our integrations will make your rental business seamless.

How Quipli Will Simplify Your Party & Event Rental Rental Business

Whether the occasion is a family wedding or corporate conference, Quipli helps you to give excellent customer service while also keeping track of everything you need in order to expand your party & event rental business.

Quipli combines a simple integrated payment system with an intuitive rental experience and dynamic pricing for your party rentals.

Take your party & events rental operation to the next level with Quipli’s equipment tracking and rental management software.

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