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Manage your equipment inventory, rentals, and reservations with Quipli.

Quipli Makes Inventory Management Simple

Successful management of your equipment rental product inventory requires having your products ready for your customers. Your inventory system needs to inform what your customers can book, when they can book it, and when your products will be returned, so that your next customer can reserve. 

Quipli provides a one-stop shop cloud-based software solution for tracking and managing your entire equipment rental business from product reservation to pickup to return.

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How Does Quipli's Product Inventory Software Work

Quipli brings together every piece of your equipment rental business into one cloud-based platform. Within Quipli’s inventory management, you can view your product categories, your product availability and pricing, your inventory calendar and refine and edit each of these.

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Ecommerce Website Integration

Quipli provides a simple website ecommerce integration so that your product inventory feeds directly into your customer-facing booking experience.

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Location Management

Multi-location businesses can break down their inventory by each of their locations within Quipli’s inventory management while editing their location details.

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Product & Category Management

Manage your products and categories by adjusting pricing, stock counts and product options with Quipli. The information you add here feeds into your customer-facing website, so that customers can only book the products you have in stock, and can view when they will be available to them if already rented.

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Inventory Calendar

With your inventory calendar, you can view what products are available and when they will be returned, at both a product and category level. This allows you to have complete oversight into the movement of your products from inventory to customer and back again.

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With Quipli’s fully-integrated software, your inventory is directly connected to your point of sale. This allows you the comfort of knowing that double-booking will never be an issue, since as soon as your product is booked and leaves the store, your inventory will reflect this.

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Reporting & Utilization Data

Improve your profitability with Quipli’s inventory reporting. Quipli helps you understand what products are your best rentals, so that you can stock up on what products are in the highest demand.

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How Quipli Will Simplify Your Equipment Rental Inventory Management

With a fully-integrated inventory system, Quipli takes the entire process of booking, renting and returning your equipment and makes it a seamless experience allowing you to focus on improving your business’s bottom line.

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Learn How Equipped Saved 10 Hours a Month by Automating Inventory Management with Quipli

One of the most difficult aspects of running an equipment rental company is understanding where all of your assets – which are in the field, which are in stock, which need to be repaired, and also what needs to be purchased to replace broken equipment. Quipli’s inventory solution integrates all these aspects into a single solution so that you always know what is available, who is renting your equipment, when it will be back while preventing common issues such as overbooking equipment.

Every business starts by inputting their total stock into Quipli’s inventory software. This feeds into your online store and your stock availability. If a customer requests a product, they select their date range. This information can be viewed within your dashboards or by calendar. If a customer rents out a piece of equipment, other customers are unable to rent the same one, saving you the hassle of taking manual stock counts and having to check yourself if this equipment is available.

Quipli serves a range of equipment rental companies, from ATVs and golf cart services to heavy equipment. The customers that tend to experience the most benefit from our equipment rental software are professionally run general tool, light construction, and heavy equipment rental companies with at least one moderately sized location and often multiple locations.

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