QUICKBOOKS equipment rental software

Connect your Quipli equipment rental platform to Quickbooks for integrated accounting.

Make Your Accounting Seamless

With Quipli’s Quickbooks integration, all of your most important data will automatically sync. From Orders, Customers, Invoices, Taxes, and more – your Quipli platform will connect straight into your Quickbooks allowing for easy analysis, accounting, and tracking.

Quipli’s all-in-one rental software integrates your customer’s renting experience with your inventory, scheduling and booking, customer payment – and now your Quickbooks.


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How does Quipli's Quickbooks Integration Work?

Integrating Quickbooks with Your Quipli site only takes a few clicks within Quipli’s platform. Once connected, QBO will sync all customers from QBO to Quipli’s Admin Console

Customers can continue to pay through Quipli with a credit card and the payment will be passed to QBO while the invoice is mailed from your Quickbooks account.

Connect your Quickbooks with your online rental store.

Quickbooks & Rental Software Integration

With Quipli and Quickbooks, every aspect of your rental business will work as one. 

Ecommerce Website Integration

Quipli can integrate with any website to get your rental software system up and running with an Ecommerce experience that ties in to your reservation and booking management, inventory tracking and more.

Reservation Management

With Quipli, you automate your reservation management by tying it directly to your inventory. If your products are all being rented, your customers will be notified when browsing your website.

Renter Login

Eliminate constant customer interaction with their Renter Login where they can adjust orders, review and extend rental dates, and view pricing for their rentals.


Quipli’s Point of Sale software makes the entire rental process for your customers simple by tying their online experience to instore pickup and payment into one simple process.

Digital Growth

As your business grows, understanding how to price your equipment can be a struggle, but Quipli helps you improve your profitability by dynamic pricing. Tie your rental prices to current levels of demand and improve your business’s profitability.

Inventory Management

Quipli allows you to review and manage your inventory for multi-location stores, so that you always know what is being used and when it will be returned.

Reporting & Utilization Data

Improve upon your business’s growth with Quipli’s rental reporting features. Identify your most rented equipment and identify areas for improvement for your construction, commercial, and residential.

Integration Partners

Our integrations will make your rental business seamless.

How Quipli Will Simplify Your Rental Business

By combining a simple integrated payment and acounting system with an effortless rental experience and dynamic pricing for your rentals, Quipli allows you to provide great customer service while allowing you to keep track of everything you need in order to grow your rental business.

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Connect your Quickbooks with your online rental store.

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